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Fixing Dermal Filler

Fixing Dermal Filler

So, you just got some filler. Now what? Overall the immediate results are great! However you now may be wondering if you need some correction or some fine tuning. What should you do?

If the results are an improvement, wait approximately two weeks for the filler to integrate into the tissues. Then consider another evaluation for an adjustment. Then why can’t the filler procedure just be “perfect” and why are we even considering a fine tuning or adjustment?

First, many customers want to use as little of filler as possible to see if maybe even one syringe can fill both cheeks? Note, that by the time most people are considering filler, they have already had a significant deficiency in skin/fat pad volume. Therefore, even though we should not initially over volumize areas, touch up sessions are very common. Second, at the time of injections swelling also occurs. As a result of not over treat a specific area, some areas do swell more than other areas. The initial swelling can be a nice aesthetic result, but when swelling dissipates the deficits or defects can be seen. Third, in placing filler in areas that are very dynamic such as mouth/lip area, the movement of the muscles can pull more on one side or the other side of the face. Really, no one is fully symmetric. Fourth, if the customer has a pre-existing issue, asymmetries are very common. The goal is to see an improvement and to get to symmetries.

So, what do I do in the meantime? There is watchful waiting, and let the filler “settle” in and let the swelling dissipate. If you are unhappy with the results, we can try to minimally dissolve the product. Third, if watchful waiting for about two weeks is not a good intervention, then have the injector re-evaluate and perhaps smooth out/massage the area or use vibration. Fourth, adding more filler or “feathering” around the asymmetry is also common. Remember, by the age of forty, most people could use several vials of filler.

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