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Looking Old or Just Looking Tired?

Looking Old or Just Looking tired

The difference between looking old and looking tired is the difference between bone structure and loss of fat pad.

Looking old is generally related to the bone and bone structures of your face. As we age, the zygomatic arch or bridge of bone extending from the temporal bone at the side of the head around to the maxilla (upper jawbone) changes, the eye sockets widens, and the ramus or the angle of the jaw changes. Especially in females, age 45-55 years have accelerated bone loss due to hormone changes.

Looking tired is primarily due to loss of both deep and superficial fat pads. A person notices changes in their jowls and even experience loose skin.

We have solutions for both!

At Enrichment Skin Solutions, we can discuss your aesthetic needs and changing structures. We can assist you on your journey to improving your fat pads and correcting your loose skin.

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