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3d imaging

3D Image

Using a 3D image assists clients and the skin care professionals in evaluating many various skin conditions. Through a thorough analysis of each individual’s unique epidermal features, the 3D image is an innovative skin analysis system that utilizes advanced skin imaging capabilities allowing the providers to visually analyze multiple layers of the skin simultaneously for pre-treatment skin analyses that are far more detailed and precise.

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The 3D image is an invaluable tool for anyone to initially learn about their skin and then take that information to a whole new level of treatments or interventions. Other reasons are:

  1. Providing a detailed analysis of skin age and structure
  2. Intense magnification in normal, parallel polarized, cross polarized and UV light.
  3. Provides detailed analysis of pores, elasticity, pigment, skin tone, and more.
  4. Detailed reporting features to better assist both your provider and the clients.
  5. Identifies dozens of factors that are undetectable within the visual spectrum.

The 3D image is part of the leading-edge skin care and anti-aging technology. Enrichment Skin Solutions is proud to utilize an advanced skin imaging system for you. Looking forward to taking a “deep dive” to uncover the next steps with a custom skin care treatment plan and clinic modalities.

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