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prf injections

Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) Injections

Rapidly replacing platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections in aesthetic and regenerative clinics across the country, Platelet rich fibrin (PRF) is the next generation in the world of rejuvenation. PRF injections contain a high concentration of the patient’s white blood cells, fibrin, and a small amount of stem cells to help rejuvenate the skin. The autologous growth factors help to stimulate and enhance the healing response to create faster results. One major reason for the switch from PRP to PRF injections is that PRF contains more platelets (up to 10x more concentration vs PRP at 4-8x concentration). PRF also contains leukocytes, better known as WBC, and Mesenchymal stem cells, which PRP does not have.

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At Enrichment Skin Solutions we use this incredible rejuvenating procedure that can be injected as a liquid and allowed to clot once activated at the injected tissue site or be created as a gel. Once injected a natural fibrin matrix forms, which keeps cells active for a longer period. PRF injections also mean the growth factors will be longer and slower, conducive to a more effective rejuvenation journey.

The 100% autologous rejuvenation treatment is performed with a quick and painless blood draw in the clinic and then injected into the face or body. PRF injections are highly directed towards skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, improved skin texture, hair restoration, and skin quality, as well as collagen stimulation.

prf injections
prf injections

What Areas Can Be Treated With PRF Injections?

PRF injections have been shown to benefit several areas of the face and body. PRF injections are commonly used to treat areas on the face where you are experiencing fine lines and wrinkles. Injections under the eye, also known as the tear trough, work as an organic filler to produce regenerative anti-aging properties. Not only does it produce beautiful natural results, but it also helps to stimulate cell turnover, collagen production, and produce restoration to reduce sagging, dark circles, and under-eye hollowing.

Other common areas for PRF injections include the corners of the mouth, temples, and lips. It can also be used for hair loss, improving facial symmetry, acne scarring, and keloid scars. PRF injections have also been shown to have incredible natural healing properties that can help to control pain in larger joints such as the hips, shoulders, and knees when replacement surgery is not indicated. Due to the high concentration of plasma and white blood cells, PRF injections have long-lasting results.

prf injection treatment

What Can I Expect During My Visit?

Our practitioner will quickly and painlessly draw blood, the amount of blood drawn directly relates to the size of the area being treated. The vials of blood are then placed inside a centrifuge to separate the components. Once the spinning process is completed, the platelet rich fibrin is separated from the other blood components. Once complete, our practitioner will inject the PRF by using a blunt-tipped cannula into the area of concern.

EZ gel, which is another form of PRF injection we offer is a 100% autologous and natural gel material, obtained through centrifugation of a whole blood sample to isolate beneficial cells, then subjected to a cooling and heating process, without any chemical addition or modification. EZ Gel can be used to customize treatments for collagen stimulation, regeneration, and skin rejuvenation.

Your total procedure will take approximately 45 minutes. PRF injections are performed in a series of in-office treatments that are spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart.

Precare & Aftercare Tips

While PRF Injections are a quick and painless process, there are a few steps you should take before and after the procedure, they include:

PRF Injection Beforecare

There are a few measures you will want to take before your PRF injection appointment. Avoiding blood thinners, NSAIDS, and other anti-inflammatory medications for 2 to 4 weeks will render the PRF platelet coagulation process more effective. Staying hydrated and drinking at least 64 ounces of water the day before your appointment will help you obtain enough quality PRF for the injection process. You should also avoid alcohol and skin exfoliating products for at least seven days before the procedure to prevent irritation and redness.

PRF Injection Aftercare

Though the PRF injection process is virtually painless, you may experience bruising, itching, redness, soreness, and/or swelling lasting 2 to 5 days after your appointment. As the white blood cells are activated, it is common to experience a tingling sensation. Applying an ice or cold compress to the area may help to reduce swelling. Avoid blood thinners, NSAIDs, and other anti-inflammatory medications to reduce the likelihood of bruising. Avoiding vigorous activity, sun and heat exposure, alcohol, caffeine, and smoking for three days after the procedure is also advisable for the healing process.

What Is The Cost Of PRF Injections?

The overall cost of PRF is dependent on the number of injections needed to achieve your final treatment goal. Clients at Enrichment Skin Solutions benefit from 2 to 3 visits scheduled 4 to 6 weeks apart to experience the best results. During your consultation, our team will examine the area where you want PRF injections and provide you with an estimate.

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