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Aesthetics on a Budget

Aesthetics on a Budget

First of all, let’s address affordability and value. Let’s face it (no pun here!) when it comes to beauty on a budget it may sound a bit contradictory. You might not be able to afford all the services you want at one shot. A full face rejuvenation or even good skin care products might seem a bit out of reach. Our providers are sensitive to this and strive to address your concerns while meeting your limitations of affordability.

Free Consultation

When you schedule your free consultation, our main objectives are to evaluate your needs. Evaluating the purpose of seeking out our treatments is the foundation to build from. Are there emotional needs that need to be met, such as, confidence and satisfaction that can go hand in hand with skin rejuvenation?

During the consultation our professionals provide a facial assessment to assess for asymmetries. We look for ways to provide interventions not only improve skin appearance and health, but address the emotional needs as well. Keeping in mind that no one can achieve perfection, but rather move in a goal oriented direction. 

Your Aesthetic Journey

This is where the fun comes in. Your aesthetic journey! This includes interventions provided by our professionals, a time frame and your aesthetic budget. For example, a full cheek restoration, may not be financially achievable right now, however, a crisp cheek line might be. This smaller intervention will set you up at a later date to “add” using less products and for less costs. In addition, that subtle intervention will improve not only your emotional but also aesthetic needs right NOW!

While looking at your budget, assess what you are spending on your current skin, body, and nutritional health. We are here to discuss ways to build on what you currently have and move towards your goals in a solid financial way. 

Remember, the internal transformation you can achieve be as important as the outward appearance.

Call us to schedule a free consultation to get planning your journey NOW!