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Aging Skin

Aging Skin

As we age, or skin loses strength, elasticity, and hydration. Our skin renewal process slows from a 28 day cycle to 37-42 days. After the age of 25, we lose collagen at a rate of 1 percent  to 1.5 percent (1%-1.5%) per year. Therefore, most adults will lose 50 percent of the facial collagen by age 60. What are some of the aging factors?

First, is the Internal Aging Factor, otherwise referred to as the chronological or intrinsic aging process. It is affected by the internal factors, such as genetic makeup. For example, some women start seeing gray hair in the mid-twenties, while others may not see the first gray hair well into the forties. The estimations suggest that about 15-20 percent of the way that we age is affected by internal factors. 

Second, is the External Aging Factors. These are considered photo or extrinsic aging process through ultra-violet radiation, smoking, unhealthy lifestyles, free radicals and air pollution. External factors account for 80-85 percent of premature aging. What are some examples of external aging factors?

First, there is sun exposure, the largest contributor to photo aging. Included in this is unnatural exposure like, tanning beds. Some people think that tanning beds are a safe alternative to the sun. Research has found that regular use of tanning beds no only ages the skin due to exposure to UVA and UVB radiation, but triples the person’s risk of developing melanoma. Another factor is smoking. Smoking constricts blood vessels in the skin, reducing the oxygen level in the blood. The collagen level is reduced resulting in leathery skin and wrinkles as releases trillions of free radicals. The skin’s cellular proteins, lipids, and DNA are damaged by free radicals. UV exposure increases the levels of free radicals and depletes its own store of naturally occurring antioxidants. 

Advanced photo-aging results in obvious pigmentary discolorations, telangiectasis, and visible actinic keratoses. The person will also display both dynamic and static rhytides. Some people will then wear heavy make-up foundation of conceal these changes. 

We, at Enrichment Skin Solutions have the experience to provide interventions and education on how to reverse and prevent future skin damage through proper skin care treatments, injectables and thread lifts. Contact us for a consultation to get on your healthy skin journey.