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anti-aging article

What are your aesthetic goals, dreams, and wishes? Currently there are many articles, clinicians, ideas, and “air-brushed” photos of aesthetically pleasing anti-aging results. How do you know what the best choice in skin care is for you to best combat your aging skin? There are many factors that effect this. These include sun exposure, pollution, toxins, diet and decreased collagen production. In addition, our bodies go through loss of skin volume, diminished and redistributed superficial and deep fat and loss of bony skeleton support. This results in face sagging as well as changes in body shape and contour.

Several different interventions are easily available. Life-style habits including nutrition, physical exercise, and mental health all play a part. Even if you have healthy habits you can’t “beat” the aging process, however. This is where the aesthetic industry can help to enhance your features. The exciting part of this industry is the interventions are more affordable than ever! From anti-aging wrinkle creams to various filling agents and injectables. However, “to look better” doesn’t mean to “look younger.” That is why it is so important to understand patients’ wishes and provide education on the appropriate treatment that will give the most satisfying results.

At Enrichment Skin Solutions, we would like to take a moment to evaluate your story from the inside first, then address the outside appearance. We want to bring out your uniqueness and help you feel a new younger version of you.