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Treating Your Warts

Treating Your Warts

What are warts? Warts are caused by various strains of human papillomavirus. They are noncancerous growths and are contagious, mainly passed on by direct skin contact.  The virus triggers extra cell growth, making the outer layer of skin thick and hard.

Common warts are flesh-colored growths most often on the hands, nails, and feet. They can be small like black dots or seeds and feel rough and hard. Plantar warts are warts that grow on your feet. Because of the pressure of walking and standing the warts grow into your skin and can look like a cluster. They are thick, painful and sometimes easily confused with calluses. 

Other types of warts can be classified as flat, filiform (thread or filament like), and periungual (forming around a nail).

Generally warts are harmless and you don’t need to do anything. Unfortunately, they can be painful depending on location, or they could be embarrassing. Home remedies or over the counter medications can be somewhat effective, however if they are not, we would be happy to evaluate your concerns, discuss a treatment plan, and provide an intervention. Make an appointment at Enrichment Skin Solutions for a consultation to assess if professional wart removal is the right intervention for you.