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Valentine’s Day Glow-Up: Refresh Your Look With Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers

Whether Valentine’s Day means a night on the town or a cozy night in, why not add glowing, youthful, skin to your outfit plans? Dermal fillers are a subtle way to soften lines and enhance your natural beauty. The celebration of love is a great reason to indulge in some self-care by pampering your skin and boosting your sense of well-being.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are nonsurgical appearance enhancers that are inserted beneath the skin using tiny injections. They work by restoring volume which smooths out the appearance of facial lines and creases, reducing the visible effects of aging. The procedure is quick, recovery time is minimal, and results are immediate. It’s not surprising that fillers have become one of the most requested beauty treatments.

How Fillers Help

As we get older, our bodies produce less collagen and elastin — the two substances responsible for firm, supple skin. As the texture of our skin and the supportive tissue below it changes, our outward appearance changes as skin sags, wrinkles deepen, and creases cast unflattering shadows.

The effects of aging are influenced by general health, lifestyle, where we live, and what we eat. While aging and skin changes are unavoidable, fillers can soften the sharper changes and allow your innate loveliness to shine through. Fillers help make that possible by:

  • smoothing fine lines, wrinkles, and creases
  • enhancing facial contours​​​​​​
  • adding volume to temples
  • balancing asymmetrical features
  • adding volume to thinning lips
  • defining lip borders
  • filling out deep scars
  • decreasing dark eye circles
  • contouring the nose
  • restoring volume to ear lobes and the back of hands
  • defining the chin and jawline
  • smoothing neck wrinkles and lines

Which Dermal Filler Is Right For You?

When it comes to choosing the right type of filler, your practitioner will assess your skin, discuss what your goals are, and recommend the right products. Fillers perform slightly different roles depending on the active ingredients, though they generally include:

Poly-L-lactic Acid (PLLA)

Poly-L-lactic acid is a synthetic substance that is safe for use in the human body. PLLA works on deeper lines as it stimulates collagen production and helps your skin to function. Fillers containing PLLA give the best results and have been found to work for longer than two years.

Hyaluronic acid (HA)

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance present in our bodies, particularly in the eyes, the joints, and the skin. HA keeps those areas hydrated by attracting water. Apart from smoothing wrinkles and lines, this improves the skin structure and adds volume to the facial features. HA fillers promote the production of collagen and elastin. Results typically last between six months and a year.

Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA)

Calcium hydroxylapatite is a substance naturally found in humans that is biosynthetically produced and FDA-approved for use in dermal fillers. CaHA stimulates the body’s production of collagen. It consists of microspheres suspended in a smooth carrier gel. Slightly thicker than HA fillers, CaHA tends to last longer than a year.

benefits of dermal fillers

Surprising Benefits Of Dermal Fillers

The benefits of using fillers go far beyond improving your physical appearance. Here are some other reasons to consider fillers as your go-to beauty enhancer:

Boosts Collagen And Elastin Production

Our bodies produce collagen and elastin to promote skin elasticity and strength. As we get older, production slows down, causing our skin to lose its youthful glow, firm appearance, and smooth texture. Dermal fillers that contain hyaluronic acid not only improve the skin’s overall appearance but stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

Quick Results, Short Recovery Time

A filler appointment can easily fit into your lunch hour, with enough time to buy a cup of coffee on the way back to the office. There is no pre-treatment preparation, invasive surgery, or lengthy recovery time afterward.

Low Risks

Fillers are considered to be a low-risk beauty treatment. The treatment may cause localized bruising, swelling, or redness at the injection point, but skin irritation typically subsides in a few days.

Pro Tip: If you’re new to fillers and want the glow for Valentine’s Day, book your appointment soon in case your skin needs a little time to adjust.

Subtle Results That Feel Amazing

The effects produced by dermal injections are so subtle that friends will notice the difference and put it down to a new exercise regime or eating plan. Fillers don’t just improve how your skin looks, but because of what they do inside your body, your skin will feel softer and more supple.

Feel Comfortable In Your Skin

Age affects our appearance, but we often feel much younger inside. This can cause feelings of self-consciousness and affect confidence. By taking the edge off the visible signs of aging, you get to feel confident and comfortable in your skin again.

When Fillers May Not Be For You

It’s essential to provide thorough and accurate medical history information during the pre-treatment appointment to rule out conditions that can be problematic for dermal filling. Some of the conditions under which fillers are not recommended include:

  • Infection near the treatment area, including oral or facial herpes
  • Diabetes that isn’t being managed
  • Allergies to any of the filler ingredients
  • Blood-clotting disorders
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding moms
  • Anyone undergoing immunosuppressive therapy

New To Injectables? Here’s What To Expect

Going for any new procedure can feel daunting. Knowing what to expect can set you at ease. While appointments may vary depending on how extensive your treatment will be, here is a general idea of what to expect.


Before The Filler Treatment

If you’re new to dermal filling, you’ll have an initial consultation to discuss what you’re hoping for, your medical history, and what options your esthetician recommends.

Your Filler Appointment

On the day of your treatment, your practitioner will cleanse your skin. They may apply a local anesthetic cream to numb the area to make the procedure more comfortable.

Once the anesthetic is working, they’ll use an injection with a thin needle to insert small amounts of filler. You might feel a slight pinch or sting from the needle, though many don’t experience any pain. According to your consultation and discussion, your practitioner may inject in several areas. Depending on how many injections you’ll be getting, your appointment can last between a couple of minutes and an hour.

After Your Treatment

Your skin may feel and look slightly bruised. There may be swelling that goes down after a few days. You should see the difference in your skin immediately.

Dermal Filler Treatment

Looking For Dermal Filler Treatment For Valentine’s Day In Brooklyn Park, MN?

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